Vintage Computer Festivals???

Terry Stewart terry at
Mon Apr 18 17:18:38 CDT 2016

>Over here you have rows and rows of beautiful old cars shining in the sun
(of course at VCF the equipment is running, not just sitting there!),
>and over on the other side you've got people selling stuff. These shows
appeal to a much wider audience than just the people who actually buy
antique cars.

That's a good analogy.  It sums up what can be the dual objectives for
these events.  I imagine it's hard to juggle when you want to do both.
Give hobbiests a chance to interact and swap stories face to face, yet
educate, inform and wow the general public as to where their laptops,
mobile phones and the underline technologies came from.

Now and again in a very loose and general sense some of us in New Zealand
have mused about a New Zealand Vintage Computer festival.  These comments
and points of view are of interest to me.

Terry (Tezza)

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