Vintage Computer Festivals???

Ali cctalk at
Mon Apr 18 19:33:21 CDT 2016

> For VCF-West, I have a ridiculous amount of crap to dispose of.  Far
> too much to burden a consignment group.  Most of it would be very
> cheap, other than the need to make the expenses (direct and incidental)
> of the event.

As a first time attendee I am of course first and foremost excited to see
some of the older systems I have never seen outside of YouTube/pictures.
However, I also wouldn't mind picking up items that I am looking for. Heck,
I am going to be there with a car what better opportunity to transport stuff
and make sure it gets back in one piece. After the last set of fiascos with
all the major shippers (nobody is immune these days) and the rising cost of
shipping (even though gas has been crashing fast) buying items outside of
chips is becoming cost prohibitive!

If VCF feels it would be best to separate the two areas fine - but please
make sure to have the two areas for those of us who are


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