Weird c. 1982 Onyx systems 68010-based UNIX minicomputer

Ian Finder ian.finder at
Tue Apr 19 00:05:50 CDT 2016


Just thought I'd post this here for fun.

I had heard of Onyx systems, a Z8000 UNIX system vendor.

Recently I was contacted by someone in the Seattle area who claimed to have
an unused Onyx systems 68010 system, perhaps a prototype. There is nothing
about this I was able to find online.

It came with distribution media on QIC tape- some generic looking (from the
docs it came with) flavor of UNIX, which I am going to get help imaging.

There is nothing on the hard drive (installed via ESDI to SCSI bridge)- it
was never used or installed.

I don't really need anything- the machine was new in box and works
correctly. It has media- but I'd love more context if people know it. Sure,
it's a very boring generic M68K box, but I can barely find any record of it

I know Onyx was originally bought by Corvus, who had their own 68K box-
perhaps why this was killed.


- Ian

(apologies for the Instagram image host, I don't want to dig it out right
now but I will send proper pictures to anyone interested)

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