Fan bearing lubricant was Re: WD-40 (again)

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> Unless the Braycote products are directly interchangeable with Sperm Whale
> oil, how is your comparison even remotely relevant?
> They are rendered from entirely different sources. Whale oil is a natural,
> animal-derived product that pretty much went out with the depletion of the
> resources (and finally, international treaties). P/TFE and MoS2 were
> formulated in industrial laboratories, and to this day, are turned out by
> industrial processes.

Braycote has enough nice properties that it is also (often) the lubricant of choice for a lot of space applications - which in many cases justify its (ahem) astronomical price. Its low out-gassing in vacuum and lack of mobility are huge assets there. I have not personally used it in any terrestrial applications, nor are any of my machines pricey enough to warrant it, so I can’t advocate one way or the other for its use on a classic computer.
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