Seeking immediate rescue of full-rack SGI ONYX near Northbrook, IL

ethan at ethan at
Tue Apr 19 14:03:21 CDT 2016

> The original Onyx ('Terminator') generally only had 3-phase if it had the VME 
> backplane package added. Mine came from Boeing and had the VME cage (and a 
> bunch of custom hardware of which I have no real understanding what it 
> interfaces to), but it runs just fine on single-phase.

Ah okay.

> For convenience I, uh, replace all the honking great TwistLoks, et al, with 
> NEMA50P oven plugs. Both the plugs and the receptacles are cheaper than dirt 
> and easily sourced even in a town of 4,000 people in Iowa. So when I use the 
> Onyx I have (which is in my office) I unplug the oven (in the kitchenette) 
> and plug in the Onyx.

I like the twistlocks so much, would never let em go!

> Yea, that's kind of my next trick. The J90 has some big-ass power cables I 
> need to put NEMA50s on.

I put 30A twist locks on them, they were cut from the prior owner on mine 
(the plugs were hacked off but there is plenty of power cable.)

> Which reminds me - what the heck is the trick to getting the two cabinets to 
> interlock? I can get the front tabs hooked in between the two cabs, but for 
> the LIFE of me I can't get the back to get it to sit the IOS cabinet's inner 
> frame inside the processing cabinet's outer.

Man up! Mine is J932 so the CPU cabinet is about 2.5' - 3' deeper than the 
disk cabinet. There are these silver square box things with screw holes on 
opposing sides. Screw one side of them to one side, and swing the cabinets 
together. The floor needs to be fairly level. I usually find it's easier 
to push the disk rack around so I mate the disk rack to the CPU rack. I 
assume the CPU Rack on a J916 is quite a bit lighter (but not light.) 
There are screw holes for that hook together block on both sides. Maybe I 
just finger tighten the one on the CPU rack because it's hard to access - 
can't quite remember.

Ethan O'Toole

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