Fan bearing lubricant was Re: WD-40 (again)

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ATF.. ATF?!?!? Heresy, heresy!!


I suppose it depends what we're talking about, Type F or the various grades
of Dexron. But that's what I have in my pump oiler can. Per my
understanding, it's essentially a highly-refined 20W oil with a series of
additives that allow it to serve double-duty as the hydraulic working fluid
in torque converters and automatic transmission clutches.

There are also additives that are permitted in ATF which would be excluded
from crankcase oils, as the latter have a much greater tendency to enter
the environment.

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> Did not read the whole thread,  ill chime in with a vote for a tiny drill,
> an insulin syringe and ATF.  done it since the 70s on muffin fans, 10
> previous years on bronze bushed blower motors.
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> On 04/18/2016 09:15 PM, drlegendre . wrote:
> > "What's the going price per gallon of sperm whale oil?"
> >
> > Unless the Braycote products are directly interchangeable with Sperm
> > Whale oil, how is your comparison even remotely relevant?
> >
> > They are rendered from entirely different sources. Whale oil is a
> > natural, animal-derived product that pretty much went out with the
> > depletion of the resources (and finally, international treaties).
> > P/TFE and MoS2 were formulated in industrial laboratories, and to
> > this day, are turned out by industrial processes.
> >
> > Am I incorrect?
> No, just pointing out that there *are* other oils with very high price
> tags--and in years past, could be purchased by the gallon.
> ISTR that the antique clock folks still hoard whale oil.
> --Chuck
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