[OT] eBay tale (Was: Re: flea markets (was Re: Vintage Computer Festivals???))

js at cimmeri.com js at cimmeri.com
Wed Apr 20 11:52:08 CDT 2016

On 4/20/2016 11:04 AM, Mark J. Blair wrote:
>> On Apr 19, 2016, at 10:09, Ali<cctalk at ibm51xx.net>  wrote:
>> Well, eBay is killing itself slowly. Every year they make more and more
>> onerous and anti-buyer rules and policies.
> Warning: Longish anti-eBay tale inbound!
> ... While I am disappointed that I can apparently never buy old computer and radio items on eBay ever again

That situation is indeed nuts.   But, on the bright side, if you only use eBay rarely, just have a relative or friend allow you to borrow their account when needed.

- J.

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