[OT] eBay tale (Was: Re: flea markets (was Re: Vintage Computer Festivals???))

Ali cctalk at ibm51xx.net
Wed Apr 20 12:02:19 CDT 2016

> Well, we already have this list and the marketplace sub-forums over at
> VCF. I don't necessarily see the need for yet another venue unless
> we're going to make a real effort to bring in buyers and sellers who
> are not already well-connected in our hobby, like random non-computer-
> interested folks selling off dear departed Dad's old C64.

True, and maybe we should all make a concentrated effort on the marketplace
(the actual marketplace not the subforum on the VCF) - but no matter what we
do we will never get the guy "selling off dear departed Dad's old C64"
because he thinks he has found his ticket to retirement. That is why eBay's
huge reach will always attract those guys. At best we get the bleep bleeps
who come on the forum asking "how much something is worth?" to be never
heard of or to see it listed on eBay for huge amounts. That is why every
time I see one of those threads I simply reply "FREE + actual cost of S&H".


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