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Swift Griggs swiftgriggs at
Wed Apr 20 15:59:30 CDT 2016

On Wed, 20 Apr 2016, Mark J. Blair wrote:
> Once, while our boss was away on vacation [...]

Interesting, well written, and funny story, Mark.  Thanks for that! 

I especially liked the part about curling up in a fetal position behind 
the Vax.  Classic.  Reminds me of the time when the neighbor shot his wife 
a couple times and the cops were outside my apartment in college making 
noise late at night.  It went on and on.  Plus, I guess she was wounded 
fairly egregiously so there were fire trucks an ambulance etc...  I Just 
took a two-man tent and pitched it on top of a building-scale cooling 
grate at the church across the street, just outta view of the cops.  I'm 
not sure how they work but it was one of those where you could look down 
through the grate and see a lot of running water and a huge fan.  The 
grate was about 12'x14'; so plenty of room.  I threw a light sleeping bag 
in the tent to keep it from lifting up and blowing around, jumped in, and 
crashed.  The cops woke me up at about 7AM the next morning and I told 
them what happened.  They just laughed then told me to pack up and go 
home. One snarky cop says: "We'll try to be more quiet next time we come 
out on an attempted murder call near your place. Don't forget to put out 
your campfire. Haha." (I didn't have a camp fire, FYI).

:-) College, man...  I was a bit outta control and college was mostly 
pointless, but least there was more to do back then than looking forward 
to trash-day and hoping my hair loss will slow down, hehe.


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