strangest systems I've sent email from

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My first experiences with internet mail would have to qualify as the

My family gained access to the internet in 1988. We'd dial into the NMSU
terminal server (my mother was a professor there) and connect from the
terminal server to an S/390 running VM/ESA and do an IPL CMS to get to a
reasonable shell that afforded access to e-mail, the XEDIT editor, and the
Charlotte web browser. The challenge was that for the first few years, we
didn't know we needed a 3270 emulator, so CMS would go into a strange mode
that only somewhat worked... If you made a mistake in typing, you had to
start all over. But, I ultimately figured out how to get a SLIP connection
going from the terminal server and use a proper TN3270 client to access the
mainframe instead of ProComm Plus. It wouldn't be until 1994 that the
university allowed access to the public internet directly through SLIP or

I want to set up a VM environment on Hercules to relive those times, now
that I am light years more competent.

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