strangest systems I've sent email from

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tor 2016-04-21 klockan 10:06 +0200 skrev Nico de Jong: 
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> > On Wed, 20 Apr 2016, Pontus Pihlgren wrote:
> >> For remote mailing I prefer i vt terminal and a microwave link:
> >>
> >
> For the danish cold-war museum, I'm presently setting up a telex system with 
> (at present) 3 or 4 Siemens T100 teleprinters (it can  support up to 16).
> Apart from functioning as a 60's/70's telex exchange, it can send and 
> receive e-mails, and therefore we can in principle update e.g. our facebook 
> status.
> The e-mail recipients are defined as a number on the exchange, and then this 
> number is connected to a table, where the e-mail address is defined.
> When receiving, the e-mail is to be sent to the museum at the address 
> (example) telex at In the commentline,the text must be ZCZC 
> <telexnumber>
> Works like a dream. An identical system is installed at the danish it museum 
> (
> Theres is of course a limit : characters only, but special characters can be 
> translated on the fly

That reminds about the gateway between MILTEX (Swedish military
telex-network) , the procedure to send a message from one teleprinter to
an telefax terminal was the same (i have forgotten what the address

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