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> Date: Wed, 20 Apr 2016 13:32:01 +0200
> From: Jonathan Katz <jon at>
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> Subject: Re: strangest systems I've sent email from
> Using something like "dtmail" on a Sparc 10 in 2016 on a daily basis, or
> VMS MAIL on a MicroVax would be an anachronism equal to hooking up a KayPro
> luggable to an acoustic coupler over a cellular modem in the 1980s in the
> back of your A-Team van ;)

Hey, I use PINE on OpenVMS daily.  Sometimes I use good old MAIL if I'm
not reading mailing list digests.  (pine's viewer is easier to navigate
long digests).

I have MUSIC/SP running elsewhere (mainframe operating system) and I
really wish I could get that communicating to the outside world, but
despite on and off again attempts when I get the gumption to try some
folks and I just can't make it work.  That's why I want to get my own
(small, if there is such a thing) 390 so I can *really* play.

I also wouldn't mind a copy of PROFS, leaving out for the moment that it's
licensed and IBM would probably Never(tm) hobbyist license a copy.  One
can dream. ;)


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