[OT] Alternatives to eBay

Sean Caron scaron at diablonet.net
Thu Apr 21 09:59:43 CDT 2016

On Thu, 21 Apr 2016, Swift Griggs wrote:

>>> I haven't look at Craigslist much.  Isn't it more oriented to
>>> geographically local sales?  Can you setup search alerts like on ebay?
> Craigslist rocks, IMHO.  I agree that Ebay is draconian and over-corporate.
> However, I also agree with others that I've found stuff on ebay I'd never
> have had the opportunity to own otherwise.
> Craigslist does have a feature where you can search in all cities.  I was
> able to call and deal directly with a seller 2 hours South of me, once.
> However, it is very "buy local" oriented.  Most sellers on Craigslist won't
> hassle with you if you want it shipped.  They want you to come pick it up.
> I guess if it was something you really wanted you could pay a courier to
> pick it up.
> It really depends on the type of gear you are looking for.
> Thanks,
>  Swift

While it may be possible to find neat stuff on Craigs on the coasts or in 
other big technology states like TX and select metros like Chicago, here 
in "flyover country" it's usually pretty barren.

While a few local options do exist ... mostly Property Dispo at the local
State U,  often we find ourselves bringing things in from out-of-state and
eBay has consistently been great at doing just that, connecting sellers in 
high-equipment-volume areas with buyers in low-equipment-volume areas.

Without eBay and the retail operation that Herb Johnson was running for 
some years, my collection would be nowhere as cool as it is now, that's 
for sure.



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