[OT] Alternatives to eBay

Mark Linimon linimon at lonesome.com
Thu Apr 21 12:04:51 CDT 2016

On Thu, Apr 21, 2016 at 11:07:42AM -0400, ethan at 757.org wrote:
> Craigslist buyers and sellers can be FLAKY, and at same time you can meet
> some awesome people through it (through the buying and selling of stuff, not
> including all the personals stuff.)

That's my experience.  Often people don't know what they have, and thus the
prices are waaay high or waaay low.

I've never seen a Craigslist ad that talked about shipping.  Really, it's

Of all things I've bought a used vehicle through Craigslist.  I went in
very skeptical, but the seller disclosed exactly what was and was not working
and I am satisfied with what I got, half a year later.

A lot of the other ads selling similar trucks were ... sketchy.  YMMV.


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