shell accounts [was RE: strangest systems I've sent email from]

John Willis chocolatejollis38 at
Thu Apr 21 12:45:15 CDT 2016

> > That's another thing I remember and miss from those days... your average
> > ISP would provide NNTP and UNIX shell accounts, as well as a few megs of
> > space to put up a personal web site in ~/public_html.
> I still read Usenet newsgroups via GNUS under Emacs on my shell account on
> Panix, an ISP located in Manhattan, and have a small web site hosted there
> as well:
> Some things are too important to relegate to a web browser.
>                                                                 Rich

This gives me a thought: I run a similar (but likely much smaller) ISP in
my neighborhood.
ISPs like Panix and my own ChivaNet should come up with some common
indicating that we support traditional Internet values and services. Some
way for enthusiasts
who really care about "the Internet as it was meant to be" to separate the
wheat from the
chaff, and be smarter about bandwidth shopping.

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