Using a Gotek-type flash floppy emulator inside a C1581

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Thu Apr 21 17:22:14 CDT 2016

Have you tried the #c-64 channel on ircnet? It's fairly well-populated,
with a lot of knowledgeable folks and demo-scene types around. I'm sure
someone there can assist you with the specifics.

I for one have never involved myself in the SD / IEC stuff. I seem to do
just fine with emulators and PC-side tools like cbm4linux (or cbm4win) and

DroiD64 is an excellent cross-platform Java tool for working with .d64 and
other CBM disk image formats. Tried it?

On Thu, Apr 21, 2016 at 1:52 PM, Eric Christopherson <
echristopherson at> wrote:

> I wonder if there are any Commodore people out here who could tell me what
> practical differences would result from using a Gotek-type
> flash-memory-based floppy emulator in place of the C1581's mechanism, vs.
> using Jim Brain's uIEC-SD or similar.
> I don't know if the thing would even work in a 1581 case, or if Commodore
> DOS or JiffyDOS would work with it; but if so, I wonder if the DOS would
> work slightly more like the real thing, because it would be actual
> C=/JiffyDOS running on an actual 6502, instead of something new running on
> a microcontroller. I understand that you wouldn't get any of the
> directory-changing commands et al. from the SD2IEC firmware.
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>         Eric Christopherson

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