Accelerator boards - no future? Bad business?

ethan at ethan at
Fri Apr 22 15:58:10 CDT 2016

>>  The same is true of the CosmosEx device I've been thinking of getting for
>> my Atari STs; it has a Raspberry Pi inside.
> That thing is rad. I didn't know about it. I never owned an ST, but lately
> I've considered getting one. I like the all-in-one designs, but I'd probably
> go for the full size rig in the end. Wait, nevermind, I seem to remember my
> SO threatening bodily harm if anymore old gear showed up....

It's a bit different but I opted for the Ultrasatan board from Lotarek. A 
friend gave me "long term loan" of some Atari ST hardware and a TT030. One 
of the computers is a Mega 2 with a bad floppy, no luck in fixing the 
floppy and it has a custom plastic from bezel that looks cool as hell 
(don't just want to drop a jumperable PC drive in it.) So I bought the 
ultrasatan that emulates the ACSI HDD. Mounted it internally near the rear 
expansion cover so I could access the card through the back. Have it 
running Notator and a few other programs. The Amiga was better than the 
ST, but well... those midi ports! Not exactly fatboy slim here just want 
to play with some history.

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