bit slice chips (was Re: Harris H800 Computer)

ben bfranchuk at
Fri Apr 22 23:36:55 CDT 2016

On 4/22/2016 10:17 PM, Chuck Guzis wrote:
> On 04/22/2016 09:03 PM, ben wrote:
>> Too Early , Too Slow , Too $$$ is my guess. With out the 6800/6502
>> 8080/Z80 price wars, how much would a 8 bit CPU be in the late 70s?
>> $75?
> Given the price of memory and other "then-LSI" in the late 70s, $75
> doesn't sound unreasonable at all.  NSC did bring out the PACE, which
> was essentially a single-chip version of an IMP-16 implementation.
> But, like all things National, they didn't know how to sell any of their
> own stuff.
> --Chuck

What about Radio Shack? $2 for 7400 or 50 cents a gate.
Now the latest INTEL product has how many gates again?

Sadly in hindsight what made the Personal Computer
was the IBM XT. Real Video and Fixed Disk and lots of Memory
and a Warranty. What is on the inside, the greatest profit magin
chips of course.


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