Ibm s-100 system?

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>> Nothing I ever heard of and I was in IBM Boca at the time and would have
>> heard
>> *something* about it.
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> Are you sure, the IBM S-100 system was demoed only in Europe, I assume
> developed there too.  I know of the S-100 cards with IBM mincomputer memory
> that also eventually appeared in early RAM cards for the 5150.  Here is an
> example:

Actually, that memory is what went into the mainframes at the time.  IBM at the
time was one of the largest (if not the largest) producer of semiconductor memory.
It only went out and bought vendor memory when its fabs couldn’t meet all of the
internal demand.

The original PC used vendor DRAM because the point of the PC was to use
readily available (outside of IBM) components.  I wrote a somewhat long post
a while ago on why we’re still stuck with various timing artifacts due to the original
PC’s choice to use an NTSC color burst crystal as the main crystal for the PC.

TTFN - Guy

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