AlphaStation 200 NVRAM Problem

Robert Jarratt robert.jarratt at
Sat Apr 23 13:21:09 CDT 2016

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> On Sat, 23 Apr 2016, Robert Jarratt wrote:
> > Well! I took out the DROM and switched it on again. The machine
> > bleeped at me, but then it gave me a console and I was able to boot VMS!
>  I'm glad that it worked, this will certainly make further diagnostics
easier, and
> you have a usable machine anyway.
> > I will have to see if the NVRAM is now populated and whether it will
> > continue to work with the DROM installed.
>  First: to double-check, how did you know it was a NVRAM failure, did LEDs
> show DC (xxox xxoo)?

Yes that is exactly the code I get on the LEDs.

>  Second: it may also be that DROM itself is faulty, a bit may have flipped
> example; NB this is UV EPROM, so things happen.  Maybe someone can
> share a known-good image.

When I put the DROM back the failure returned. So it is either a bad SRAM, a
short/open somewhere, or the DROM code itself. I have a PROM programmer, but
it is only for DIP packages, I don't have the facilities to read a PROM in
this type of package. I will have another look round for any obvious
problems on the board, but it looked OK to me when I checked. Getting the
SROM diags out might help too, I will have a look at that.



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