4.2BSD TU58 distribution tape for VAX-11/750?

Josh Dersch derschjo at gmail.com
Sun Apr 24 00:44:10 CDT 2016

Hey all --

I'm researching what I need to have on hand to get 4.2BSD installed 
running on my 11/750.  I'm pretty close to having mass storage working, 
I have a SCSI TMSCP tape controller that should do the job in 
conjunction with a SCSI 9-track drive, and the VAX itself seems to be 
happy.  What I don't have is a copy of the TU58 cassette that would have 
been provided with the 4.2BSD distribution (at least, according to the 
installation documents).  This contains utilities for formatting the 
disk and copying the root filesystem (from a *real* tape drive) to the 
root partition, so they're pretty essential for bringing a machine up 
from scratch.

If I had a SCSI *disk* controller, I could cheat and do the installation 
on SIMH (which avoids using the TU58 by cheating in a different way) and 
DD the whole thing over, but I'm not so blessed.

I can't seem to track down a copy of this TU58 on the 'net -- anyone 
have one squirreled away somewhere, or know where I should be looking?


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