Finding classic computers in the UK

Aaron Jackson aaron at
Sun Apr 24 18:50:13 CDT 2016

Thanks for the links. I'll take a look. I probably stand more chance
looking at my University. I was in the server room the other day
clearing some space. On one of the shelves they had a VT220 connected
up to an old Solaris box. Very stylish!


Dave Wade writes:
> I think the pool of equipment in the UK is much smaller than the USA and
> VT220, and PDP-11 seem to be like hens teeth and much more expensive than in
> the USA. 
> Some stuff I have picked up from local contacts, some from Vintage Computer
> Forums, there was a VT220 on there recently
> but I think Rob may have nabbed that, Some from E-Bay, Some from RCM 
> It used to be possible to pick stuff up at Amateur Radio Rallies but that
> source seems to have largely dried up these days.
> Dave
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>> Subject: Finding classic computers in the UK
>> Hi all,
>> Can anyone offer any advice on where to find classic computing equipment
> in
>> the UK? I've been keeping an looking for a terminal such as vt220 for
> quite a
>> while now on eBay without much luck.
>> Maybe I just don't know the right people?
>> Thanks,
>> Aaron


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