Finding classic computers in the UK

Dave Wade dave.g4ugm at
Mon Apr 25 09:41:51 CDT 2016

Whilst I haven't tried bidding I have watched and a working BBC with Disk
Drives might set you back $300 or so. I think this is expensive.


P.S. I have a non-working one in my loft. Whilst it would be nice to have it
fixed, I think its low on my list. 
I have replaced the PSU caps but it still has the "I am not going to reset"
bug and sits and whines.
It has many extra ROMS but no floppy drive. Therefore if any one is
interested let me know off list.

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> I can't speak for Sinclair and Amstrad, but aquiring BBC Micros in the UK
> incredibly easy. There are many of them and a huge number of them are
> working flawlessly.
> Roughly ten years ago I was secondary school.  I noticed a BBC Master
> 128 had disappeared from one of the maths classrooms. I immediately went
> ask the IT guys what happened to it. They told me they were getting rid of
> so I asked for one. Still working to this day, dual 5.25"
> disk. Only issue is the CMOS battery, which I have not bothered to
> There are usually quite a few on eBay for an acceptable price.
> Aaron
> ethan at writes:
> >> Dave is right, I have bagged the VT220 and will be collecting it
> >> soon. They are indeed quite hard to come by. Perhaps you could offer
> >> the university a swap for their VT220? I mean a PC with putty on it
> >> might suit their needs just as well.
> >> You don't say where you are in the UK. I only ask because
> >> occasionally I end up with too much stuff and look to pass things on
> >> (free if I got them for free).
> >> Regards
> >> Rob
> >
> > How hard is it to get things like Sinclair Spectrum, BBC Micro and
> > Amdstrad CPC type computers?
> >
> >  				- Ethan (USA)
> >
> >
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> > Ethan O'Toole

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