Data General Nova Star Trek (Rockwell Collins vs. Vaisala SPT11A)

Jon Elson elson at
Tue Apr 26 11:41:47 CDT 2016

> On Tue, 26 Apr 2016, Erik Baigar wrote:
>> Apart from Rolm mil-spec computers, my hobby is airborne vintage avionics
>> and I know that Ferranti tested their intertial navigations systems for
>> aircraft also by torturing them in a car driving around Edinburgh in
>> Scotland...
Erik is not the only one.  Check out Tatiana van Vark.  
Here's a picture of what is in her DINING ROOM, the complete 
electronics suite from a Vulcan bomber!


There's also a video of her picking up a Litton inertial 
measuring unit and moving it around, there's 3 racks of gear 
to support it.


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