Avionics and amazing gear made by Tatjana (was Re: Data General Nova Star Trek Rockwell Collins vs. Vaisala SPT11A)

Paul Koning paulkoning at comcast.net
Tue Apr 26 12:49:53 CDT 2016

> On Apr 26, 2016, at 1:34 PM, Swift Griggs <swiftgriggs at gmail.com> wrote:
> ...
> Just about everything on that page is drool-worthy or cool in some extreme
> way.  That crytograph does indeed rock and "The Inertial Navigator Platform"
> looks like an artifact from The 5th Element.  What's more incredible about
> that machine is she didn't rescue it...  she *made* it, along with almost
> all that other stuff.  Outrageous!

I like http://www.tatjavanvark.nl/tvvd/viewer223.html .  I have that tube and bits of a radio (original) that uses it.

That tube is interesting: it's the world's first integrated circuit.  Yes, a hollow state integrated circuit.  I describe it that way because it is a complete subsystem (in this case, a complete 3 stage audio amplifier) rather than just something like a dual-triode tube where the connecting components are still external.


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