Data General Nova Star Trek (Rockwell Collins vs. Vaisala SPT11A)

Erik Baigar erik at
Tue Apr 26 12:58:00 CDT 2016

Hi Jim,

after another test using a different PC and paper tape,
the paper tape reader is en route to you. I declared it as
"paper tape reader for hobby use, value USD10" and that it
will "return within 4 weeks". Hopefully this will prevent
you from having to get into toruble with the custom office...

    Best regards,


On Tue, 26 Apr 2016, Erik Baigar wrote:

> Hi Sherman!
> On Tue, 26 Apr 2016, Sherman Foy wrote:
>> under the heading of déjà vu, if this unit is a Rockwell Collins mil hand 
>> paper tape puller, my old roommate ran the qualification tests on
> Hm, the reader is a Vaisala SPT11A and I searched the internet
> for readers from Rockwell Collins. The images appearing, are not
> related to the Vaisala box, so I think they are different devices...
>> Harbor & Warner facility.  They drove around the parking lot in the bed of 
>> pickup trucks pulling tape and loading systems w/ potholes & speedbumps in 
>> the way.
> So some mil-spec testing using equipment readily available. Apart from
> Rolm mil-spec computers, my hobby is airborne vintage avionics and I
> know that Ferranti tested their intertial navigations systems for
> aircraft also by torturing them in a car driving around Edinburgh
> in Scotland...
>    Best regards,
>       Erik.

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