Mac "Workgroup Server" (or "network server") hardware & AIX

Swift Griggs swiftgriggs at
Wed Apr 27 10:02:40 CDT 2016

On Tue, 26 Apr 2016, Zane Healy wrote:
> Don?t fret, once OpenVMS v9.0 is released, on x86-64, there won?t be any 
> doubt as to who won.  :-)

:-) Well, in the spirit of further non-participation let me (a die hard 
unix zealot) say that I can't wait to see VMS ported to x86-64. I think 
VMS is cool. I've been learning about it lately. It has some great 

> Oh, and while I?m at it, both vi and emacs suck.  Give me TPU! :-)

Heh, I'm one of the few Unix guys that might be inclined to agree. I can 
use both. However, I got used to Wordstar, then the IDE in Borland 
products (which is similar to Wordstar). So, my favorite editor is "joe" 
not Vi or Emacs, but TEHO. For me, using an editor is about familiarity, 
even if something takes more keystrokes etc... I find it odd that people 
actually argue about editors, but that's just a difference in value 

> In answer to the original question, Cameron Kaiser used to be heavily 
> into Mac Workgroup Servers running AIX, but I don?t think he?s on the 
> list any more.

Ah, well lots of knowledgeable folks have responded.

> In the long distant past, I used A/UX on Mac IIfx systems.  I used AIX 
> on a variety of IBM systems, more recently, but never on an Apple 
> system.

I'm quite comfy with AIX at this point, so I'm more interested in toying 
with A/UX. I had a IIci for a while. I should have tried to set that up. 
It's listed as compatible. I just wasn't aware of A/UX at that time. I 
actually learned about it after tracking down "what is that crazy looking 
mac-like Unix variant in Jurassic Park." It sounds like you don't need any 
special ROMs installed on the system, just a compatible M68k mac with an 


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