strangest systems I've sent email from

Raymond Wiker rwiker at
Wed Apr 27 23:43:37 CDT 2016

> On 27 Apr 2016, at 22:13 , Sean Conner <spc at> wrote:
>  COBRA was dead by the mid-90s and had nothing (that I know of) to do with
> Linux.  And the lumbering GUI apps, RPC, etc that you are complaining about
> is the userland stuff---nothing to do with the Linux kernel (okay, perhaps
> I'm nitpicking here).

Who uses Linux to refer to just the kernel these days? GNOME used (uses?) CORBA - I assume this is what Liam meant.

CORBA was standardised in 1997, and had significant momentum up to at least 2000. I'm very happy that there is no chance that anybody will ever be in a position to ask me to work with CORBA again.

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