Digital VAX, Alpha (Was RE: Mac "Workgroup Server" ...

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Thu Apr 28 03:15:29 CDT 2016

Zitat von Swift Griggs <swiftgriggs at>:

> 3. I know for a fact the US government and a few other folks are pretty
>    well stuck with using Alphas for "certain" things. If the vendor was
>    OK'd by the gubment, there might be some money to be made there, too.

But they don't Need an FPGA, for them Software Emulation of an Alpha  
is sufficient ...

> 4. If some guy in Poland (Lotharek) was able to make an FPGA box that
>    emulates more than 9 different platforms (albeit probably simpler ones)
>    for under $200, ...

just for clarification, Lotharek is a reseller not the developer of  
it. About the development of it, ("MIST") you can read at


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