Calling all typographers

Rod Smallwood rodsmallwood52 at
Thu Apr 28 07:19:43 CDT 2016

Hi Guys

              DEC did some interesting things when it came to fonts on 
front panels.

Take an 8/e front panel  for example.  the address is kind of a chalet font.

But they built it out of circles and straight lines and that's what I do.

Then they bunch up the characters until they touch or nearly touch. 

I'd like to recover the DEC fonts and have looked at several font 

Frankly they are dung.  Every fancy curve there is but not a straight 
forward line and circle method of  creating lower case characters

as DEC did it.  I do need the ability to enter (or import)  the lower 
case characters using just circles and lines.

I then need to do the usual font type things like different font sizes, 
bold, and character spacing from zero (touching) to miles apart.

Suggestions please

Rod (Panelman) Smallwood

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