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Thu Apr 28 09:08:54 CDT 2016

>> Well, I think "Sun god" is a significant overstatement, and I'm
>> pretty sure I never capitalized the "der", but yes, that was me.
> It's not an overstatement to me, sir.

Thank you.  I'm glad to hear I helped; I've received so very much from
the net - as cynical and bitter as I tend to wax about its current
state in general - that it's nice to know I've given a little back.

> Heh, that reminds me of living in Norway and learning to speak Norsk

Which reminds me of my own time i Norge (Tromsø, to be specific).  I
never did learn to speak any significant amount of Norwegian, neither
bokmål nor nynorsk, but I did manage some minor proficiency in the
written language.  (Unfortunately I haven't kept it up, and it's been
over thirteen years now, so I've probably lost much of it.  I should
get out my copy of Drømmen om Narnia and see if I can still read as
much as I used to be able to.)

To drag my reminiscences at least a little bit back on topic, I also
remember the house netlink I had.  I was working for Universitetet i
Tromsø, and they set me up with a microwave link to the borettslag I
was living in on the mainland...but it was IPv6-only.  'Twas a sharp
lesson in how v6-unready my tools were at the time.  My desktop was a
SPARCstation, and it was the first time I'd really tried to use Seagate
Barracudas anywhere near my desktop; those things were _noisy_!

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