Lyle scores a WIN for our hobby!

Jerome H. Fine jhfinedp3k at
Thu Apr 28 21:42:04 CDT 2016

 >Lyle Bickley wrote:

>>On Thu, 28 Apr 2016 12:22:11 -0500 "Jay West" <jwest at> wrote:
>>We all owe a big "Thanks!" to Harry Sanders at S&H Computer Systems
>>and his Board of Directors for making this release a reality for all
>>vintage computer folks! Also, the hobby owes huge thanks to Lyle
>>Bickley for tirelessly pursuing this for us all! I've always been a
>>huge fan of TSX-Plus and I'm thrilled there's now a personal
>>(hobbyist) license thanks to Lyle.
>>The distribution is at
>And a big "THANKS!" to Jay for creating the website and hosting the
>TSX-Plus distribution on!!!
I am extremely pleased to see that hobby users may now use
TSX-Plus without charge.  The PDP-11 hobby community
has been waiting a long time.  It is very gratifying that the
situation for the hobby community has finally been resolved.

Many thanks to both Jay and Lyle and appreciation to Harry Sanders
and the Board of Directors at S&H.

Jerome Fine

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