Lyle scores a WIN for our hobby!

Jerome H. Fine jhfinedp3k at
Thu Apr 28 22:58:18 CDT 2016

 >Rod Smallwood wrote:

> >On 28/04/2016 18:25, Evan Koblentz wrote:
>>> We all owe a big "Thanks!" to Harry Sanders at S&H Computer Systems 
>>> and his
>>> Board of Directors for making this release a reality for all vintage
>>> computer folks! Also, the hobby owes huge thanks to Lyle Bickley for
>>> tirelessly pursuing this for us all! I've always been a huge fan of 
>>> TSX-Plus
>>> and I'm thrilled there's now a personal (hobbyist) license thanks to 
>>> Lyle. 
>> Great work Lyle!!
> Excellent  --  One minor point you need RT11 to run it I think.

At the present time, RT-11 is used in running TSX-Plus in three ways:

(a)  To boot TSX-Plus, either it is usual to initiate TSX.SAV via one of the
      UnMapped RT-11 monitors such as RT11SJ or RT11FB since most,
      probably all, Mapped RT-11 monitors are too large.

(b)  Certain RT-11 utilities such as DIR.SAV and PIP.SAV are often used in
       addition to other RT-11 programs such as MACRO.SAV to accomplish
       goals under TSX-Plus which S&H did not write.

(c)  Many of the TSX-Plus device drivers were originally RT-11 device 
      modified to conform to TSX-Plus requirements.

It is probably (c) that is actually the reason that RT-11 is needed to run
TSX-Plus since S&H could have managed to write the boot code in
addition to the RT-11 programs that are used.  But as long as an RT-11
license was a pre-requisite to run TSX-Plus, there really was no need to
also write all of the device drivers from scratch as well.  For the actual
situation, as long as RT-11 was already present, the straight forward
solution was the one used.

If my comments are incorrect, it would be appreciated if someone could
provide the actual information.

Jerome Fine

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