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Todd Goodman tsg at
Fri Apr 29 07:50:42 CDT 2016

* Liam Proven <lproven at> [160428 18:41]:
> > Gentoo Linux is my
> > distro of choice simply because i can pick, choose, and compile everything i
> > want for just about any arch.
> I tried it years ago. I found it a very unpleasant experience, and
> went to some communities, both online and real-world, to ask for
> guidance. One of my questions was "how can I choose a simpler init? I
> don't like SysV init, I prefer the BSD one. How do I switch?"
> At first they didn't understand the question at all. When I got it
> across, the reaction was incredulity: "why on Earth would you want to
> do that?!"
> I could tweak the compile flags and optimisation of KDE, but not
> change the init. That's not customisation in my book: that's
> yak-shaving, painting the bike shed a new colour. Basically pointless;
> I wanted more profound change, and Gentoo didn't offer it and the
> Gentoo community couldn't grasp /why/ I'd want to change something so
> profound that it was a given, an axiom, a fundamental.
> So I gave up on it before I even had a fully-working system.

And of course I have a completely opposite experience with Gentoo and
the Gentoo communities I visit.

Gentoo is very much of the mind that if you want to do something that
isn't currently possible then you either put some code where your mouth
is or pay someone else to do so.

People who walk in and act like all the volunteers owe them something
tend to not get along well.


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