strangest systems I've sent email from

Fred Cisin cisin at
Fri Apr 29 09:16:50 CDT 2016

>> And you do know what Apple MacOS was originally written in, don't you?
On Thu, 28 Apr 2016, Chris Hanson wrote:
> The original Macintosh System Software was almost entirely M68000 
> assembly language.
> There were a couple parts of the original System Software that were 
> written in Pascal, but by and large the space constraints of the 64KB 
> ROMs and the 400KB floppy and the desire to eke every last cycle of 
> performance out of the 8MHz CPU led to pervasive use of assembly.
> The APIs were defined in terms of both Pascal and assembly, which is 
> what leads people to think that it was written in Pascal.

How much was based on Lisa?  What was THAT written in?

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