strangest systems I've sent email from

Todd Goodman tsg at
Fri Apr 29 10:06:18 CDT 2016

* Liam Proven <lproven at> [160429 09:44]:
> Those are /really/ different. Gentoo is just putting low-profile tyres
> and plastic spoilers on a boring little family car.

You fundamentally misunderstand Gentoo so it's not surprising you'd be
so condescending towards it and the people using it.

Perhaps ten years ago when you looked you were in some "ricer" community
where they were promoting Gentoo as distro to use because you could
easily tune your build parameters to wring out every last bit of

But when I started with Gentoo over ten years ago I didn't end up in
that community.

Gentoo is really a meta-distribution and used by other distributions
(ever heard of Chrome OS?)

As has been discussed there are good reasons to build systems from
source.  Being easy to patch yourself using your own patches or patches
from others instantly is one.  Being able to rip out systemd if desired
and use alternatives is hardly putting "low-profile tyres and plastic
spoilers on a boring little family car."

You don't like it (nor any Linux/GNU system it seems if you consider
them all "boring little family cars.")

OK fine.

But don't spread misinformation about it from some failed attempt of
yours ten years ago.


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