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Swift Griggs swiftgriggs at
Fri Apr 29 10:38:07 CDT 2016

On Fri, 29 Apr 2016, Todd Goodman wrote:
> You don't like it (nor any Linux/GNU system it seems if you consider 
> them all "boring little family cars.")

While I wouldn't use the denegrating language, I do share his sentiment. 
Post systemd debacle, I'm done with Linux as any kind of advocate. I'm an 
RHCE (yea, I know big deal) and I started with Linux in 1993 with SLS and 
40 floppies. I was very excited about it for a good 12 years or so. 
However, I can't stand the design direction it's taken, I can't stand the 
GNOME/Pulseaudio/Systemd/Lennart people (personality conflict in the 
extreme and there are WAY too many of them), and I don't want to continue 
to witness all this foot-shooting as a fan (my interpretation and you 
don't have to share it). I'm going to stand back as the Gods of Linux 
attempt to flush it down the Enterprise / Desktop / Smartphone toilet.  
I'm a unix zealot, and it's too hard for me to recognize these days. It's 
my opinion only. 

> OK fine. But don't spread misinformation about it from some failed 
> attempt of yours ten years ago.

I've used Gentoo very recently (February). I don't think it's garbage, but 
'emerge' and I do NOT get along. I don't honestly think they've done that 
much worthy of note to innovate since their inception, as you sort of 
imply. Their main narrative is built around Portage. My opinion of Portage 
is that it's a not-as-good copy of what ports and pkgsrc (in FreeBSD and 
NetBSD respectively) do a much better job on. I stick with the original, 
BSDs which *I think* (my opinion only) are _far_ more coherent and easy to 
use. I could go into some extreme detail comparing each one, but that'd 
just inflame folks more than I'm already doing (I unfortunately expect 
full flames from the Church of Linux congregation just for using the name 
in vain) and these are simply my opinions, so I don't need to. If you or 
anyone else disagrees, "Ok fine", as you say. I just don't think Gentoo 
deserves to be put on a pedistal like it's the epitome of innovation. Even 
among Linux fans Gentoo isn't always popular (it's currently 47th of 100 
on Distrowatch, as an example).


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