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Fri Apr 29 11:07:47 CDT 2016

On 29/04/2016 16:39, Paul Koning wrote:
>> On Apr 29, 2016, at 8:39 AM, steven at wrote:
>>> ...
>> I've also had a go at the dec font for the purpose of those 'good enough' mastheads I
>> posted about here last year:
>> I too found the font to be mostly circles and tengential lines except for the 's' which
>> gave me a lot of trouble to draw nicely in my CAD program. I'm puzzled about the notion
>> of 'o' not being a perfect circle as I found it to be quite so, at least on the masthead.
>> As mentioned there are different 't's. I treat the whole masthead as an integral CAD drawing -
>> I'm not trying to replicate Paul's near-enough Corel-drawn font (which I examined) but
>> rather a correctly spaced and kerned piece of text, just as it is on the masthead.
> Yes, my font doesn't have any kerning and the width data is a mess too.  I spent some time with FontForge, but now my Mac is acting strange (TextEdit recognizes the font after I install it, Word and Illustrator pretend it doesn't exist).
> The way I would deal with the sort of project you mention is to use a tool like Illustrator (or other suitable vector graphics editor), enter the text using the "Handbook" font, then adjust letter positioning with the text positioning tools until it's correct.
> As for the "digital" logo, it's been clearly established that using a standard font for that will be pretty inaccurate.  Fortunately, a correct version, in PostScript form, has been posted long ago by someone who traced it from the original master films at DEC.  Most drawing programs (Illustrator for one, of course) can import PostScript.
> 	paul
The logo I am now using on my panels came off an old disk from my days 
at DEC. It would have been copied from a bromide sub master using a drum 
It was I think postscript as that's what the trade mags were accepting. 
I did find that one website about the dec logo had the same version as 
mentioned above.

If you want to see how things were look for a youTube video called The 
great 202 jailbreak.

If anybody has  found or made or knows a download URL of any dec font  
it would help me of I could get hold of it.

Rod (Panelman) Smallwood

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