smalltalk and lisp (was: strangest systems I've sent email from)

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Fri Apr 29 11:43:20 CDT 2016

>> I [...] have found C++11 added some nice things.
> Both C++11 and C11 really have me excited.  It's a kick in the butt
> to the compiler makers.

What have they added?  I recall hearing of someone doing some language
that requires a runtime with garbage collection and trying to call it
C, which to my mind would be a huge mistake - is that C11?

> I'm bucking for some polymorphism for C, next.

It'd certainly be an interesting experiment to take C and add
polymorphism and nothing else.  I've occasionally wished for it myself,
though admittedly not often - between gcc's additions and my own
addition I find it rich enough for most of my purposes.  (I really
should build my own compiler for it, someday, though.)

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