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>> C is a high level PDP-11 assembler to this day. (auto increment and
>> decrement)
> This myth persists, but it's wrong [...] as DMR attests: [...]

Note that PDP-11 autoincrement and autodecrement exist only when
operating on pointers that are being indirected through, and even then
only when the pointers are in registers.  C ++ and -- work fine on
things other than pointers, and on pointers when not indirecting
through them.

Also, ++ and -- each exists in both pre- and post- versions, which
PDP-11 autoincrement and autodecrement do not.  (Only postincrement and
predecrement.  In C terms, only *ptr++ and *--ptr.)

So not only does Word Of God say that the myth is wrong, the C
constructs and the PDP-11 constructs don't even match up.

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