File systems expert for a news article (urgent)

Evan Koblentz cctalk at
Fri Apr 29 14:35:09 CDT 2016

>> Anyone here on cctalk consider themselves a file systems expert and have
>> the credentials or job title to vouch for it? If so, then I need to
>> interview you ASAP today (in the next hour-ish) for a
>> article. Contact me offline: news at
>> Not going to discuss the story itself here in public.
> Can you be a little more specific?  File systems is quite broad

One of the hard disk standards bodies is working on a new feature (which 
I'm not going to post here) that would require changes to file systems, 
otherwise the new feature is academic and useless in the real world. So 
I am looking for someone with FS chops to comment on whether the changes 
can reasonably happen. Cannot say more except in private.

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