Calling all typographers and introduction.

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I've been lurking on  the cctech list for awhile and thought I would introduce myself. I hope I'm  not breaking protocol by responding to the " Calling all typographers" topic 
I am truly amazed by the breadth of knowledge of the Classic Computers Community.

I'm a computer programmer and have worked  for a few major metropolitan newspapers for most of my working life.
In college @ Cal State Los Angeles, I  worked with PDP 11/45, and, If my memory isn't failing me,  CDC  3170 and Cyber 76 computers and  the ITS timesharing system.
Even worked with PLATO when it was put on campus as a test system.
First professional job was  as an assembly language programmer programming Zentek Zms-90 8080 based terminals for a Classified Ad order entry system in 1977.
So I'm old...   
Next job  was as the  "system programmer"/system manager for a DEC  shop running Pdp 11/70, VAXen 780, 785, 8600 and  Microvax II with lots of 
RM05's and System Industries 9755 and 9775 RM05  look alikes.
I went back to Newspapers when they started using DEC equipment in addition to IBM Mainframes.
Electronics is my hobby and I am starting/trying  to accumulate some vintage VAX and pdp 11 gear.

Re: Typography...
My recommendation would be to try Macromedia's  (now Fontlab) Fontographer for font creation/modification.
That was the staple in the Newspaper industryand was used  to modify existing fonts. It runs on MAC/Win and with it you can take an existing font and easily modify it as needed.
You can adjust glyphs, add kearning and basically design a whole new font  and output it  as Sun, Adobe type 1,  Type 3, Opentype, Postscript, Win bitmap and other formats.
I'm only  familiar with the old Version 4.  The MAC version had a few more output options that the Windows version so that was the preferred solution.

Version 4 may be available as abandonware.

-- Wayne

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> If anybody has  found or made or knows a download URL of any dec font  it would help me of I could get hold of it.

My version of the DEC font that's on those bezels and on older handbook covers can be found here:


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