Panelman's adventures on the Fonteria.

Rod Smallwood rodsmallwood52 at
Sat Apr 30 03:58:22 CDT 2016

Hi Guys

              Well I made it ! I now have the correct font for the 
address line in the masthead on PDP-8/e.

As usual the combined wisdom of the list was the main source of answers.

One point is that are in fact three different fonts in use.

The one for the d i g i t a l name, one for the touching out line font 
of the letters pdp and finally that which is used for the address.

The digital name logo sub master I already had left over from my DEC days.

There's also a copy on a web site that has been referred to recently.

   The pdp logo I drew and the basis of the address line text was thanks 
to Paul Koning's handbook.ttf

My view of the list is "Strength in numbers, Depth in knowledge and Band 
of Brothers in spirit".

Thank you everybody

Rod (Panelman) Smallwood

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