Vaisala SPT11A reader (was Data General Nova Star Trek)

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You bet.  Thank you and good health!

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On Tue, 26 Apr 2016, Paul Birkel wrote:

> Thanks Erik; very helpful.  For reference, mine also shares the same 
> firmware revision.  Can you share your source code as well?

Upon request I added the firmware files to operate the SPT11A paper tape
reader (together with the source code, V1.01, sdcc) to the special service
section on my server:

Use is without warranty and at own risk - credits and link to
my pages are welcome   ;-)



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> Subject: Vaisala SPT11A reader (was Data General Nova Star Trek)
> Dear Paul,
> thanks for your email - I acquired the reader several years ago and 
> did quite a lot of experiments to figure out how to use it with the 
> original firmware SPTS11, 2.02, 5289 but I never got an answer from 
> the reader. So the project of Jim to read in the DG tapes was the 
> reason I needed to address this issue. For your (and the communities) 
> convenience I placed the original firmware (27C256 type EPROM)...
> ...and my new one (also 27C256)...
> ...onto my server. My new firmware just sends out the data read via 
> the serial port at 9600, 8N1. A welcome messages tests the serial 
> communication on starting and during this time the red LED is on.
> On getting ready the green LED takes over and the yellow one shows the 
> state of the sprocket input: For each byte read this LED flashes. At 
> 9600 the serial port is always faster than you can pull the tape 
> through the reader, so I do not expect the red LED (indicate a buffer 
> overflow, byte lost) come on during normal operation...
> The pinout of the Sub-D9 male plug is as usual on serial ports:
> 5: GND, 2: Data from reader to PC, 3: Data from PC to reader (not used 
> in my firmware, but original expects some start/config command here) 
> additionally
> 7: DC input to reader (in my case 9V).
>    Hope this helps,
>       best regards,
>          Erik.
> On Tue, 26 Apr 2016, Paul Birkel wrote:
>> Eric;
>> Would you please share your firmware updates, and any other 
>> information that you've gleaned regarding the Vaisala SPT11A reader?
>> I recently acquired one of these as well but haven't yet started on 
>> reverse-engineering it into something useful  Would prefer to 
>> leverage your experience, if you please :->.
>> Good health to You and Yours!
>> paul
>> (from Maryland, USA)
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>> Hi Jim,
>> regarding reading the StarTrek paper tapes I spent some time on the 
>> weekend to rework my SPT11A manual reader - I got this from an eBay 
>> auction and it was an accessory for some military receiver (probalby 
>> to read in some codes). It had a fimrwaere which refused to 
>> communicate with a simple terminal program, so I reverse en- gineered 
>> the hardware and replaced the original ROM it by an own firmware 
>> which simply sends the contents read from PPT to the PC via its RS232C...
>> So I'd offer sending this to you as an item on loan to read in your 
>> tapes and you return it afterwards? I tested it with some data and it 
>> works well (just slowly pull the paper tape through the reader and 
>> use e.g. putty to log the binary serial output). After turning on the 
>> reader there is a short welcome message to verify the serial 
>> connection
> (9600,8N1).
>> The only question is, whether you can handle the EU style power 
>> supply shown in the picture...
>> I ordered USB->RS232C converters and if you have some more time, I'd 
>> attach one of them to the reader not only doing conversion but also 
>> supplying the converter with power from the PC.
>> Addidionally you should send me your physical address via PM so I can 
>> prepare for shipping...
>>    Best regards from Germany,
>>       Erik.
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