Programming language failings [was Re: strangest systems I've sent email from]

Chris Hanson cmhanson at
Sat Apr 30 14:28:35 CDT 2016

On Apr 30, 2016, at 11:43 AM, Diane Bruce <db at> wrote:
> We cannot use the same outdated ideas we used to use for 'C'
> that we used 40 years ago today. Compilers have improved.
> Know your tools. And that's all I have said. 

In support of this, I’d encourage everyone who works with C to read Chris Lattner’s “What Every C Programmer Should Know About Undefined Behavior” series from the LLVM blog:

C has fairly well-defined semantics, they just aren’t necessarily what you think they are, and optimizers are taking advantage of them (under the “as if” rule) such that a developer’s idea of what assembly a specific section of C code should generate is not all that accurate these days.

  -- Chris

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