Calling all typographers

Kevin Schoedel schoedel at
Sat Apr 30 17:24:50 CDT 2016

At 10:39 ?pm +1000 2016/04/29, steven at wrote:
>I'm puzzled about the notion
>of 'o' not being a perfect circle as I found it to be quite so, at least
>on the masthead.

When I did this originally I worked from document scans from Bitsavers, and
became convinced from those that the bowls were a little narrower than
perfect circles: <>.

Since then I've got a paper copy of one of the handbooks, so I went today
to get a high-resolution look, and now I agree that they *are* circles, or
intended to be, and the models I used must have been distorted in printing
or scanning: <>.

Kevin Schoedel <schoedel at> VA3TCS

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