Programming language failings [was Re: strangest systems I've sent email from]

Sean Conner spc at
Sat Apr 30 18:31:11 CDT 2016

It was thus said that the Great Chuck Guzis once stated:
> On 04/30/2016 02:07 PM, Mouse wrote:
> > Reading this really gives me the impression that it's time to fork
> > C. There seems to me to be a need for two different languages, which
> > I might slightly inaccurately call the one C used to be and the one
> > it has become (and is becoming).
> I vividly recall back in the 80s trying to take what we learned about
> aggressive optimization of Fortran (or FORTRAN, take your pick) and
> apply it to C.   One of the tougher nuts was the issue of pointers.
> While pointers are typed in C (including void), it's very difficult for
> an automatic optimizer to figure out exactly what's being pointed to,
> particularly when a pointer is passed as arguments or re-used.

  I believe that's what the C99 keyword "restrict" is meant to address.  


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