Mall directory computers

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Mon Aug 1 14:49:25 CDT 2016

>You know.. come to think of it.. it might have been something like this 
>software I used to play with obsessively as a kid.  My Dad had it for 
>our PC.  I completely forgrt the name.  It was a CGA graphics 
>proto-Powerpoint kind of deal.  You could draw pictures, graphs etc.. 
>and it also had clip art.  You could do fade ins and outs and other effects. 
> I think we had it later on.. 85 or after.  But the colors and way it 
>drew graphics was similar.  And I think you could hotkey it to go to 
>specific 'slides'.  The mall computer just had a series of buttons 
>alongside the screen from what I remember.  Could have been rigged up to 
>replicate certain keys.   Wish I could remember the program name..

There was GRASP / GRASPRT? You could author all sorts of stuff in it.

There was presentation software called Harvard Graphics I think.

Ethan O'Toole

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