AT&T 3b2, IBM RT, others

Jerry Kemp other at
Mon Aug 1 17:10:44 CDT 2016

Hello Doug,

Thanks for the URL, the pictures are great.

Sorry if I am missing something here.

Are you at a Goodwill, or something similar in Austin?

Are these items for sale?  Or items to come pick up ASAP before they go to the 

Thanks for clarifying, sorry if you posted this already and I just missed it.


On 07/31/16 12:43 PM, Doug Fields wrote:
> I'm here in Austin picking up that Multiflow and they have a bunch of other computers. The most intact looking is an AT&T 3b2-1000-70. There are also two rude looking IBM RTs plus an Evans and Sutherland Freedom 1000 with Sun Graphics tower, a Sparc Printer, lots of old Apple printers, and other stuff. I'm trying to put it all on Imgur but having problems since I never used it before so if you want pics email me your iMessage account and I can share it somehow that way.
> Cheers,
> Doug
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