How to get a Heathkit H8 to work with a serial terminal

Brad H vintagecomputer at
Mon Aug 1 18:15:04 CDT 2016

I posted this on vcfed and thought I'd ask here too.
I have a working H8.  It has the basics plus a 64k ram card and serial/cassette card.  I have been looking and looking for info on what program to enter or rom change you have to make to get the machine to operate with a terminal.  Surprisingly, I can't find any info on this at all.  The H9 terminal guide describes general assembly and operation but does not say specifically how you use it in conjunction with an H8.
Per others it sounds like you'd need to enter a program on the front panel to get the machine talking to the terminal.  Or change ROMs.  Does anyone have any info on how that all works?  Can you actually redirect the front panel input/output to terminal?  

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